Guestbook 28/05/06 The  Guestbook has been temporarily disabled. We are looking at  an alternative guestbook set
up to avoid the spammers. Email available for news and info and I will copy to  toktok.

Noel Ryan (4th) Tas 18/05/06 Received email from Noel who intends forwarding pictures of , and info on 4th E

Bernard Houston (7th) Qld  02/05/06 Bernard reports return to the collation of E Course history based on research of
collections over the last 20 years or so. Perhaps this will motivate a push for an E Course reunion for the release of
Bernards work !!

Kevin Lock WA  01/04/06 Kevin is locating E Courseans in WA through the local news media. Already received
contact details of the first 6th E Coursean  I have heard of since 1964  !!

5th E Course photo update 25 / 02 / 2006
Thanks to John Quinnell for names and corrections - Including identifying himself !

Guestbook 2 1/ 01 / 06
Guestbook is currently restricted to 250 characters by Yahoo so if you have any larger info please use email or post to
Graeme O'Toole,
PO Box 190
Agnes Water 4677

Getting the webpage up........ 09 / 01 / 06
(Graeme O'Toole)
Please excuse my tardiness in getting this page together but you all know how it is..!
I have had contact with and help from Keith Jackson ASOPA, Sue Gelade SA Uni, Albert Mispel, Murray Bladwell,
Bernard Houston, Fred Ebbeck, Kevin Lock, John Scofield, Tom Dowling, Margaret Brigg and others from E Course
The idea is to gather as many profiles and experiences from E Courseans as possible and put together what will be
certainly, an amazing annals of ventures of an extraordinary group of people who went out into the newly contacted areas
of exotic PNG... and some are still there !
Thanks to Albert Mispel who has presented an excellent genre for profile writing. Some  profiles are coming up and we
look forward to many more.
Now that the links have been set up, there is an avenue for communication between E Course people and perhaps even a
reunion. What about at  Malaguna? I visited Malaguna again in 2001 on way to a reef surfing trip to Nusa Is. off Kavieng.
Malaguna missed the Tavurvur eruption and nothing much has changed - till now anyway although I hear ,Dec 2005, that
volacanic ash is falling again..

If you have any news send an email

Contacts       09 / 01 / 2006
Graeme O'Toole have begun a list of E Course contact details so if you wish to add or refer to this list, please contact
Graeme on . He will return by email or post to help protect privacy.

Annual Reunion Luncheon ( for ex- PNG Education Colleagues et al )

Graeme O'Toole attended  a very fine reunion  at the 2005 Annual Luncheon at the Jindalee Hotel west of Brisbane  on
01/09/05 organised by Murray Bladwell, E Coursean.  Gail Burke launched her book "Australian Teachers in PNG -
Pre-Independence 1955-1975 . The book is a collection of memories and experiences of  25 Australin teachers in
NSEW of PNG. E Course was represented by Murray Bladwell, Tom Dowling, Bernard Houston, Margaret Brigg (
nee?),Graeme O'Toole.
News Items
Kevin Lock WA 14/10/06
A small group gathered yesterday at a tavern in Perth for a good chin-wag.Non-stop stories of good times with several hundred names mentioned.
Back: Kevin Lock, Bob Davies, Pat Scarle, Peter Lesley-Green
Front: Trevor Muller, Ella Lucas( Ron deceased), and Janine Wyatt(Ricky)
Clive Johnson - 5th E Course - 08/10 06
Initially ,after graduation, I was posted to Worongoi, but after another teacher wanted a transfer after leave I replaced
him at Galilo ( now in west New Britain). I was to later teach at Pila Pila, Raburua(ENB), Melenglo and Siki
(WNB) before being appointed WNB's first Adult Education Officer.
When my position was localised I joined the PNG Development Bank as Palm Oil Liaison Officer and was later
transferred to Mount Hagen as Assistant Branch Manager. Resigning from the PNGDB I returned to Kimbe for another
10 years in several positions.
Would like to hear from any other E coursers or renew any old acquaintances.

Colin Huggins ASOPA  13/09/06
Request for positive identification of Maria von Trapp.
( Colin was forwarded to
Noel Ryan Tasmania, who was a fellow student of Maria's)

Kevin Lock WA 13/09/06
Kevin forwards contact info on Peter Brownfield WA -1st E Course

Jack Benetts - 6th E Course - 20/07/06
Jack has just returned to Maryborough Qld after 7 years in Mt.Isa and discovered the E Course webpage with surprise.

Bernard Houston 12/07/06
Bernie reports that he has finaly completed the script of his history of E Course and is presently selecting illustrations and
redrawing maps. Bernie is preparing to publish but issues will be limited.

Graham Bowden - 6th E course - 04/07/06
Graham  forwarded info on having returned from PNG in 1982 after 8 yeras at Maltech, Rabaul and 10 years at Goroka
Tech. ending up in the Don Linton job as EO9 and based in Goroka. Graham  is still SecondaryMaths teaching in WA
Richard Clarke  - 7th - 18/11/06
Richard forwards an abreviated copy of his personal profile. Great reading.  PNG in 'virtual reality'
Richard Clark - 7th - 16/12/2006
"My wife and I hope to be at the ASOPA reunion in Brisbane next year with some ex PNG friends. I hope also to
catch up with Bernie Houston on the visit."

Any other takers of the invitation to E Coursers to attend the ASOPA Reunion in Brisbane ??
Kevin Lock WA - 17/12/2006 from NG Gossip
A French diplomat and other tourists have been attacked and robbed by thugs near PNG's Parliament House. The
diplomat was attempting to visit the National Museum. On his arrival at the museum, he saw a group of men fighting
near the museum and when he stopped his car behind another vehicle waiting for the museum gate to open he was
attacked. The thugs had already robbed the occupants of the other vehicle and were fighting over how to divide up
the spoils of the previous attack when they took the opportubity to rob the diplomat "
25/04/07 John Groat - 6th
John makes contact with news that he keeps contact with Ivan Peterson -6th and Norbert Greulich
- 2nd- with whom John taught  in Brisbane. Norbert currently lives with his wife in Toowoomba.
John and his wife currently live in Frankston , Vic. John is also in touch with Kevin Siebermann -
7th- who also resides in seaside Frankston . Interesting to hear that John was in touch with with
Des Jones -6th- in Cairns  6 Months ago and no one could forget the jovial Des  !!
John has some sories from Manus accompanied by some footage to put up on the webpage which
will be most welcome.
31/03/07 Tom and Carolyn Barry

Friends of Kevin and Joan Lock in PNG seeking Kevin's address.

20/02/07  Colleen Robinson

Colleen and husband were on Manus Is and remember Graham Ross, Eddie Mc Cormick, Gus Buckam.
Also from Rabaul remembers Lance Murphy and Peter Bieseman. Colleen offers thanks for trip down
Memory lane.
John and wife at dinner on Spirit of Tasmania
22/05/07 Jim Meehan - 2nd - via Kevin Lock
Kevin reports that Jim is sill lecturing at Batchelor College, NT, and that Jim has emailed and
"wonders if there are going to be enough of us still around and interested enough to have a 50th
Reunion of 2nd E Coursers "

" Where there is life there is hope Jim, and bio-technology is creating wonders these days !". Will
look you up the next time I am down in Batchelor from Darwin  (Graeem O'T)
10/07/07 Kevin Lock  - 2nd Eblog
Kevin invites you to visit his eblog at
19/08/07 Veronica Kaese - 6th
Veronica's sons came across the ECourse webpage which sparked many memories to her
delight. Full contact details available. Veronica shows interest in ASOPA reunion.
07/10/07  Robert Hopkins - 6th
Contact from Robert  who met with Peter McCarthy with whom he taught at Mal Tech with
Graham Bowden (6th). Turns out that Peter McCarthy  is a mate of O'Toole's brother in
Melbourne. Small world !!
08/10/07 and 14/10/07 - Graham Bowden -6th
Graham's grandson found Graham's slides and scanned the lot which exposed some
historic shots such as these below. Graham says there is a possibility of putting up a
collage on the webpage to which we all look forward  !!
Bowden and O'Toole  on top of
Mother 1964
O'Toole - like everyone else once was
- on Duke of York's  1964
26/10/07 - Murray Bladwell- 5th- Reunion Luncheon 2008
Murray reports on PNG Educators Lunch non-occurrance 2007 because of ASOPA
Reunion in Brisbane but resurrection in 2008.
01/11/07 - Richard Clark - 7th- On the ASOPA Reunion October 2007
The Reunion in Brisbane in October was a huge success in terms of numbers that turned up
at the dinner on Saturday night at the Sofitel. Almost all graduate yeras from the 1950's to the
1970's were represented and a very good address was given by Professor McKinnon who
referred briefly to the 'E' Course during his speech. It was god to catch with a number of
people with whom I worked in PNG, as well as, Asopians whom I have come to know from
the reunion in Sydney several years ago. Keith Jackson, as Chairman for the evening, was at
his best and it was good to have several others such as Richard Jones( who had arranged a
general invitation to E Course people )  come and shake hands with me. Alas , the evening
was too short and we had to leave early.
BUT... I did meet  Bernie Houston ( 7th E Course ) on the Saturday afternoon. He was
waiting for me at the Nonotel Hotel on our arrival and it was good to meet a fellow
'Ecoursian' after all these years. Bernie showed me the documents that he has written on the
E Course and they look impressive. However, he has computer problems and he is finding it
difficult at this stage to put the final touches to the document. I will keep in contact with him.
03/03/08 - Mike Smith - 4th  and Margaret Thatcher
I remember when we were in Rabaul on The 4th E Course that we had a visit from a Brirtish Parliamentary
Committee looking into the teachoing of EFL. One of the members of the group was a rather bossy woman
who asked quite intelligent questions and listened carefully to the answers. Her fellow parliamentarians were
mostly reduced to stupor by the humidity. She asked if any E Course  students were from the UK. Quite a
few piped up and she asked where they were from. Mike Plummer grinned and said, "Finchley, just around
the corner from your Dad's shop."
The Lady was Margaret Thatcher.

I spent last evening looking at the photo of the 4th E Course. I noticed that Don Warne is  listed as Don....
Don was an Australian lay-missionary from Yule Island along with Henri Hansotte, a Frenchman. They were
great guys. Henri had been a seargent in the French army in Vietnam and still had the shrapnel in his arm
( a gift from the Viet Min) to prove it. I heard before I left  PNG at the end of 1972, that Don had died on
Yule Island and was buried there. I believe he had cancer. Now I think of it his name may have been spelt
Worne...but I am not too sure.

02/03/08 - Mike Smith - 4th
On a whim I googled the word "E Course" and found the website. Wonderful !  What memories came
flooding back ! I can just smell the coconut oil from the copra factory..... the frangipani flowers at
dusk.......the faint rumble of another guria.....

I was on the 4th E Course along with Noel Ryan, JJ Wilson, Oskar Hauser, Maria Von Trapp and all the
rest. What days they were

31/12/07 - Kevin Loch - 2nd
I visited Bob Davies (2nd E ) in Brisbane in late September and also caught up with Howard Mason and
Tom Dowling. It was unfortunate that others were either sick, busy or out of town. Bob was a great  host
and he showed me around Brisbane. I later flew on to NZ to tour with my wife.
30/12/7 - Kevin Loch - 2nd
Bob and
Bob, Howard and
06/03/08 - Kevin Loch - 2nd
"Housing Corporation"
It has been alleged that the National Housing Corporatio(NHC) has sold a block of flats in Gordons for
K600,000, well under the estimated actual value.  The Post Courier has reported that over 800 tenants
occupy the flats !
24/04/08 - Pam and Barry Waldeck - 7th and 6th
Just clocking in because we have found the course site and the photos of 6th and 7th in which we are
featured. Barry did the 6th E course and I - Pamela Savage- did the 7th and last one. We married in PNG in
1965 at Pangoa in the Western Province. We were missionaries with Asia Pacific Christian Mission from
1963 - Barry- and 1964 -Pam. We taught in schools as wll as doing many other things including medical,
agricultural, air strip building, and bible teaching. We left PNG end of 1980, continued with mission work until
2002 and now work as a Counselor with Relationships Australia- Barry and Registered Nurse in Aged Care
facility - Pam.
We don'rt remember very  many of our felow students but Pam says hello to Jack Tynan , Reg Silvester and
Fred Ebbeck in particular. We'd be glad to hear news of others and can tell you that Kathy Cook married
and died at age 41, Kath Wilson is in New Zealand (7th) , Keith Gallagher (6th) married and has been a
missionary in Africa (Malawe, Mozambique) forever. He and his wife  have just, or are about to return to
W.A. Lorraine Balme (6th) married and died of Malaria in her first year of married life. Bye for now.

10/04/08 - Gordon Shirley -7th
Currently at Batchelor College NT.  Acquaintance of Graham Bowden (6th) in Rabaul and seeking Graham's
email address

10/04/08 - Noel Ryan - 4th
Noel advises that he has  moved to Victoria and seeks Mike Smith's email address
23/04/09  Charles Nelson- Seeking  knowledge of a Peter Green

Charles is an ex-PNG resident 60's and 70's with DCA. He is trying to trace a fellow wih whom he
worked before he went off to run the primary school next to the mudmen out of Goroka. His name is
Peter Green- wife nurse Barbara- and Charles thinks he was an E Course graduate.  The name can't
be traced on the E Course page but as some names are missing , Charles is seeking any knowledge
anyone  may have of
Peter Green which may be sent to the E Course page.
James Dash 3rd - Photo of 3rd E Course
In 1962, the 3rd E course had 2 streams; the missionary stream started 2 weeks before the government
stream. There is no photo or class list for the 3rd in Roll Call. Does anyone have this info and any images ?
Id like to have this info for my kids/grandkids to know a bit more of my history.
Please add me to the mailing list

18/07/09  David Bahr   Memories
Three names i Find Missing from Contacts are David Bahr,Peter Bedford (British) and ' Dutchie '.
Unfortunately, none of us kept in contact with each other, yet when at college we were inseparable-
wellknown for our evening coffee break from studies at the local tradestore. I only lasted three years
making the fatal mistake of taking 2 boys home to let them see what is possible with continued
study.Upon our return, one decided he had jad enough of school andleft. ( I suspect through wantok's
encouragement ! )
30/12/09  Ken Cooke 2nd -  Contact

I was on the 2nd E Course in 1962. I left PNG in 1967 on long leave and ended up in Europe. I spent
34 years in Swedewn, retired and returned to Melbourne in 2002.
( Contact info has been requested and sent  to Ken  for Athol Bergland,Bob Duff, Ron Duncan, Kevin
Lock, Brian Petersen)
Does anyone have contact info on Denis Ryan?
29/10/2012 Jim Burns 5th -Another old ecourse bod signing in

Didn't know until early this year that the group or the site existed. I am 4th from the right on Paul
Dennett's course photo on the site.I was in the 5th E Course with Paul et al. I returned to Australia at
the start of 1971and retrained for High School Art teachingin NSW. I took early retirement in 1995,
but found myself teaching again in Vic in 2000 and then in Laos from 2002-2011.I am now doing
supervision of student teachers for Ed. Faculty at Newcastle Uni. I will be more settled by the end of
this year and I am very keen to be part of the 5th E Course reunion in 2013.So please respond as I'd
love to catch up with those of us who have survived this far'. Jim Burns - the noisy Scots git with the
19/04/2011 Barry Smith 7th - New Contact

My daughter saw on the internet that Pam Savage(Waldeck) and Gordon Shirley wanted to make
contact with other E Course students. I was on the 7th E Course at Rabaul and I returned to the school
at which I taught at Bogia,Madang Province, 1965-66. I went with Mrs Clifton-Bassett and a group on
a visit to Madang in January 2010. I spent 16 years in PNG with the last 6 years as a Senior Technical
Officer in Works and Supply HQ at Boroko. PNG has changed since I left at the end of 1981. Very
few white people, increased security of houses,hotels nad shops etcand little maintenance of roads and
government buildings.