50th Anniversary E Course Reunion
                                     - 8th May 2010
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5th E Course Reunion Photos - Tony White
                                          - 16 Nov 2013
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Annual Reunion Luncheon
( for ex- PNG Education Colleagues et al )
1 Sept 2005

Graeme O'Toole attended  a very fine reunion  at the 2005 Annual Luncheon at the
Jindalee Hotel west of Brisbane  on 01/09/05 organised by Murray Bladwell, E
Coursean.  Gail Burke launched her book "Australian Teachers in PNG -
Pre-Independence 1955-1975 . The book is a collection of memories and experiences
of  25 Australin teachers in NSEW of PNG. E Course was represented by Murray
Bladwell, Tom Dowling, Bernard Houston, Margaret Brigg ( nee?),Graeme O'Toole.