Profile: Oskar Hauser 4th E Course 1962/63
At To'okena, Upper Lamari Region
In 1964,  the EvangelicalBrotherhoodChurch
started a new outreach from To'okena,
south  of  Kainantu . The preaching of the
Gospel, establishing a Primary  T School and
Pidgin classes and the setting up of an Aid Post
 became our task for the following years. Being
one of the most neglected areas of the whole
To'okena school children on way to classes
 territory, with 8% of its population suffering
from leprosy, we realized the Lord's help
 in many wonderful ways.
In 1972 our furlough was due. For health reasons
of my dear wife, we were prevented
from returning to our beloved indigenous
 people in the Upper Lamari Region. Yet the
work is  presently carried on by
nationals for which we are truly thankful.
The Hauser's house
Later on we were asked twice to go to Australia
in order to help there with the work in
Coffs   Harbour.
Oskar Hauser
Switzerland  15/06/06
Schoolhouses in To'okena